Design & Manufacture CFS Building Solutions

No matter how big or small is your project, every precise part we produce is certified, numbered, traceable, replaceable, and customized for your project only!

Build It
Simply Better !

Every Building Type

SSCFS profiles and frames can be used for all projects like commercial, social, single or multi storey houses

Lighter & Stronger

Load-bearing and non-load-bearing drywall constructions for internal and external walls, ceiling, and floor frames for all types of buildings.

Custom Design 

Each Component custom produced. Suspended, directly mounted, and free-spanning dry walls, floors, and ceilings.

Time & Cost Efficient

Off-site production for facade systems for the renovation and additions to external walls.

SSCFS Sustainability Advantages

SSCFS Advantages

Cost Efective

Saving time and labour cost, also reduces engineering fees.

Fast Delivery

Professionally Pre assembled frames fast delivery on site.


Perfectly engineered, dimension precision strong frame structure.

Disaster resistant

Earthquake and hurricane safe structural system.

World of Innovation for the Future Construction World

Tailor-made Solution.
We design, manufacture and present high quality for "sustainable life".
Fully Customized For Your Future

“Construction of modular buildings takes place during the site works, allowing completing projects earlier. Since the production of modular buildings and the site foundation works can be performed simultaneously and the assembly is much faster than traditional construction, projects can be completed by up to 50% to 60% faster than using on-site construction.”

Step into our world of innovation, designed to welcome you with the serenity of your projects.
Explore our assortment of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, built using our own technology providing you with the highest quality and comfort.


Our amenities

Today available materials are S500GD + Z ,  S350GD + Z, DX51D + Z and You will be the first to buy ZERO-Emission Steel when it’s available soon! In order to clarify SSCFS quality work and the ambition to constantly reduce Vixmodule's environmental impact, Vixmodule's operations are applied for certifications in accordance with ISO 9001:2015,  SS-EN 1090-1 CE.

Fast Order &
Delivery Process

Process start with  your Architectural CAD Drawings with an offer.

Our expert team converts your project to SSCFS with our AI supported system for tailor-made profile production.

In our factory, wall, ceiling, and floor frames are produced by our skilled team.

And prepared for transportation to your project site for assembling.

Fast Assembling on site according to drawings.

Enjoy your new home in weeks!



You can be proud!
You will be
a Forest Savior!

Once you order your new SSCFS project, you are part of the Sustainable World!

Suitable for United Nations 17
Sustainable Development Goals!

We build the future.

Our innovations and why you should choose us?



At Vixmodule we efficiently deliver sustainable and environmentally friendly modular solutions. Designed to benefit and increase living standards for both our customers and their surroundings. Our vision is to invite people into a future way of living by building new perspectives, ways to connect with nature and a sustainable circular aspect in the market. In order to achieve our vision, we will trailblaze a path to delivering module homes that are prepared for future living, in the most efficient way. We believe that smaller is bigger. Our aim is to introduce our customers to the perspective that smaller housing can bring you more flexibility, closer to nature and provide a bigger living experience, without losing any comfort or style. Our sustainable solutions made from recycled materials, are produced in our own factory in Sweden, which is where the idea behind Vixmodule was born. Vixmodule was founded by a team with strong knowledge and many years of experience in production and logistics in the building construction business. A team with a passion of wanting to evolve the business by introducing it to a new way of building construction through modular solutions. Vixmodule is the product of innovation based on many years of development.


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